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40set=160pcs New LED Backlight strip For LG 49UV340C 49UJ6565 49UJ670V 49UJ6320 49UJ630Y 49UJ630T 6916L-2862A 6916L-2863A
100sets LED backlight strip for Philips 49
30set 420pcs LED Backlight Strip for SamSung  D2GE-400SCA-R3 D2GE-400SCB-R3 UA40F5500 2013SVS40F UE40F6400/6300 UE40F5000/5700
50set New 6LED 495mm LED backlight strip for LE50A7100L LED50D6-ZC14-01(A)(A)30350006202 30350006201 30350006205 V500HJ1-PE8
30kits LED Backlight strip for samsung UA48JU6400 UE48JU6500 UN48JU6400 BN96-34793A 34794A S_5U75_48_FL_R6 L5 LM41-00121G 00121H
50kits LED Backlight strip 9Lamps 0Y385D09-ZC21FG-01 OY385D09-ZC21FG-01 303WY385031 LE39D80 For Philco Ph39n86dsgw Ph39n86
NEW 5485K PMPP5000 HMI PLC Membrane Switch keypad keyboard
NEW ITC2200 6AV6646-1AD22-0AX0 6AV6 646-1AD22-0AX0 HMI PLC Touch screen AND Front label Touch panel AND Frontlabel
45set 820mm LED Backlight strip For LG 42LN541V 42LA620Z 42la620v 42LA620S 42LN570S 42LN540V 42LN613V LC420DUE 42LN575S
48set LED Backlight strip For Dl4077 Dl4077i SDL400FY(QD0-400)_40E36_A_X1 SDL400FY(QD0-400)_40E36_B_X2
40set LED strip For LG 49UV340C 49UJ6565 49UJ670V V17 49 R1 L1 ART3 2862 2863 6916L-2862A 6916L-2863A
100set LED backlight strip SVH420AB2 AB4 SVH420AA7_4LED for H43MEC3050 LED43K300U H43N5300UK H43M3000 43H7C 43H7C2 LC-43N4000
New 49/set LED backlight strip for 39inch TV 39LB561V 39LB5800 39LY560H AGF78400601 innotek DRT 3.0 39
100set LED strip for HD500DF-B57/S0 50K23DG 50K22DG 50H5G 50K20DG 50H3 NS-50D550NA15 LBM500P0601-R-1 SVH500A22_REV05_6LED
100set=200pcs New LED Backlight strip for 43VH6100-CB 6916L-2867B 6916L-2867A 6916L-2867G V17 43  LC430DQE 43UJ6525
50set LED backlight strip for TOSHIBA 32W2433D PEV3232-01Y 32W2453RK LED BAR CORE 32
100set LED Backlight strip For LG 55
100set LED Backlight strip For LG 49'' TV 6916L-2862A 6916L-2863A V17 49 R1+L1 ART3 49UJ670V-ZD 49UJ651V LC490DGG(FK)(MD)
100set 6LED 583mm LED Backlight Strip For SVH550AF2_6LED_REV01_140919 HD550DU-B51 HD550DU-B5 LED55EC620UA LED55K320U
100set New  LED backlight strip for Samsung UE48J5200AW AK UN48J5200 AG LM41-00120Q 00149A LM41-00120P 00150A 2015 SVS48 FCOM
New 600 Pieces/set LED backlight bar strip for KONKA KDL48JT618A KDL48SS618U KDL48JT618U 35018539 35019741 6 leds(6V) 442mm
100 set New  LED backlight strip for Samsung UE48J5200AK BN96-37296A BN96-37297A 2015 SVS48 FCOM V5DN-480SMA-R4 V5DN-480SMB-R4
100set 5LED 400mm LED backlight strip For hisense LED39K20JD NS-40D420NA16 SVH390A06 2013CHI400 3228N1 05 REV1.1 REV1.0 141223
New 300pcs LED strip for Samsung UE40EH5450 UE40EH5300 UE40H6203AK D3GE-400SMA-R2 D3GE400SMB-R3 BN96-28766A BN96-28767B